Long-Term Disability

Often, when employees are away from work for health reasons, they feel disconnected from their daily lives—and work is a significant part of life. Our programs are designed to help support you and help you return to your maximum functional capabilities and quality of life.

This page is intended to provide information about our Long-Term Disability plans.

You are not eligible for Long-Term disability (LTD) until you’ve been out for 52 weeks or more (12 months or more in an 18-month period) for the same medical condition.

If you have not been off work that long or want information about time off prior to being off for 52 weeks, please refer to our Medical Leave page for information that would apply to you.

If you're thinking about making the transition from LTD to retirement, there's a lot to consider. The benefits you have as an employee on LTD will change drastically–especially medical premium costs–so you’ll want to be sure you understand all of the benefits before transitioning to retirement.

Review the LTD versus Retirement Benefits Chart for more information.

Utility employees

Long-Term Disability

The LTD Plan you may be eligible for will be depend on your date of disability. PG&E pays the full cost of the Long-Term Disability Plan.

To learn more about your Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits, you can review the facts about your benefits for the appropriate LTD Plan below:

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If you are not transitioning directly to LTD from a leave of absence with Sedgwick or in certain Workers Compensation cases, a claim will need to be initiated through Sedgwick to start the Long-Term Disability process. You will need to contact Sedgwick directly to provide the needed information to open the LTD claim. Sedgwick will send the applicable LTD forms to you to start the process, if appropriate.

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Corporation employees

PG&E Corporation sponsors a disability plan that provides employees of PG&E Corporation with Short-Term and Long-Term Disability benefits. The plan is insured and administered by The Standard Insurance Company.

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Prior to applying for Long-term disability, a leave of absence will need to be initiated through Sedgwick to start the short-term disability process with The Standard Insurance Company. The only exception is if you transition to LTD directly from a qualifying Workers Compensation absence. Please see the short-term disability page for additional information on requesting a STD leave, first.

If you remain disabled under the terms of the Corporation Disability plan beyond the term of your short-term disability benefits, The Standard will evaluate your eligibility for LTD benefits. You will work directly with The Standard on this process.

Click here for information about your Long-Term Disability benefits.

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