Industrial Athlete Program

The IAP is a comprehensive, job-specific, "hire-to-retire” intervention program designed to reduce injuries and improve the physical and mental resilience of employees. Especially those working in strenuous, high-risk positions.

Post-offer Physical Assessment (POPA)

How it works

Because many of PG&E's jobs are physically demanding, we evaluate the strength and physical abilities you need before you begin performing the essential functions of those positions. To accomplish this, we require line workers, gas service representatives, gas utility workers, and apprentice cable splicers to take the pre-employment, post-offer physical ability testing also known as our Post Offer Physical Assessment (POPA). Learn how you can prepare for the test by visiting the PG&E careers website.

Early Symptom Intervention (ESI)

The ESI program is a pro-active early symptom intervention program designed for the T200 and T300 workforce. This program utilizes sports medicine best practices to help provide prevention and management of musculoskeletal disorders. This program provides you access to a sports medicine professional at your worksite that can assist you with any musculoskeletal issues that may arise on or off the job.

Fitness Day

Fitness Day is a program offered to you, the pre-apprentice lineman and apprentice cable splicer, which prepares you for a healthy career from hire-to-retire by providing training at the start of your career. This one-day class teaches health, injury prevention, safety, nutrition, exercise principles, and ergonomics. This education and training sets you up for success for the rest of your career.

Aging Workforce

You may notice your body changes with respect to nutritional needs, strength, endurance, flexibility, visual acuity, and speed of physical and/or mental response as the years pass. These normal processes occur gradually however, if you are aware of these changes, you can better continue to work safely and productively. Our Wellness staff and expert resources stand ready to introduce you to health coaches to help you in making the best choices to manage your natural aging process.