24/7 Nurse Care Line

The 24/7 Nurse Care Line provides employees with immediate access to trained medical professionals who can help them get the right care at the right time. This line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is administered by WorkCare, an independent company staffed with trained occupational medical professionals.

See how timely your team is reporting injuries by viewing the monthly 24/7 Nurse Care Line Dashboard (note, you will need network access to view this document).

To ensure our employees are easily able to contact the 24/7 Nurse Care Line when they experience work-related discomfort or injury, wallet cards and posters that include the line's contact information are available. Additionally, you may download the 5-Minute Meeting to easily share this information with your team.

To order the magnets, wallet cards or posters, ask your department's administrative assistant to follow the steps below:

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  2. Select RRD as the supplier to order posters, wallet cards and magnets
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Contact us Call the 24/7 Nurse Care Line at 1-888-449-7787.


How it works

If an employee experiences a work-related discomfort or injury, they should call the 24/7 Nurse Care Line at 1-888-449-7787 and then notify their supervisor.

  • When an employee calls the 24/7 Nurse Care Line, a WorkCare representative will confirm their contact information and condition, then transfer the employee to a nurse or physician to assist them.
  • The medical professional will assess the employee’s condition and either refer them to a clinic or provide them with self-care recommendations.
  • To ensure employees receive proper care, the medical professional may ask about their medical history, including what medications they are taking. This information is not shared with PG&E, but can be critical in addressing an employee’s work-related condition.
  • Ultimately, it's the employee’s decision whether or not to follow the medical professional’s recommendations. WorkCare will follow up with the employee to confirm if the symptoms have gone away or to assist them with next steps.
  • You and your employee will receive an official incident report email that documents the call. Note: The email will not contain any personal medical information.

Supervisor’s role

  • Understand and communicate the importance of early reporting
  • Create a climate where employees feel safe reporting injuries and asking for help when they need it
  • Ensure that employees are well informed of the reporting process
  • Support and reinforce early reporting
  • Support employees’ self-care, treatment, and accommodation needs

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Who is WorkCare?

WorkCare is PG&E's 24/7 Nurse Care Line administrator. They are an Anaheim, California-based occupational health care company-owned by a team of board-certified occupational health physicians dedicated to keeping employees fit and productive from hire to retire.

Does an employee have to notify his/her supervisor before calling the 24/7 Nurse Care Line?

No. We strongly encourage employees to notify their supervisor when experiencing any work-related discomfort or injury, but he or she can do this before or after calling the 24/7 Nurse Care Line. The value of notifying supervisors directly is so that they can do three things:

  • Support employees in getting professional medical advice right away
  • Anticipate and help employees get any needed work accommodations or modified ergonomic adjustments
  • Provide employees with the state-mandated claim form (DWC-1) in a timely manner if he or she goes to the doctor .

What does the 24/7 Nurse Care Line share with PG&E?

An employee’s supervisor and LOB safety lead receive an official incident report email that documents the employee’s call, which shares information only pertaining to the work-related incident/injury. This information is necessary for PG&E to be in compliance with OSHA reporting requirements, as well as to track the types of injuries, activities and sources involved so any workplace hazards can be identified and controls put into place to improve the overall safety of the work environment. All other private medical information is kept confidential.

Can an employee go straight to the emergency room or a clinic without calling?

In life-threatening or emergency situations, call 911 and seek emergency care immediately. The supervisor can call the 24/7 Nurse Care Line on behalf of the employee once emergency services have been called.

Is the 24/7 Nurse Care Line available after hours and on weekends?

Yes, the line is available 24/7 to report incidents and answer or address any concerns related to workplace injuries.

Can employees call from home?

Yes, calls can be made from any location, but be sure to remind your employees to notify you of all incidents at work.

Why would an employee want to talk to a medical professional on the telephone, when they can see a doctor in person at the clinic?

The 24/7 Nurse Care Line provides immediate access to a nurse or doctor at the time of injury, so there isn't unnecessary travel or hours spent in a waiting room when it may not be needed.

Is this service the same as the nurse advice hotline with the company health plans?

The two nurse advice lines are similar, but the 24/7 Nurse Care Line is dedicated to answering questions about work-related incidents.

If employees have non-work related issues, they should call their personal Health Plan Nurse Line:

  • Anthem – 1-866-867-1651
  • Kaiser – 1-866-454-8855

What if an employee called the 24/7 Nurse Care Line and the condition gets worse later?

Have the employee call the 24/7 Nurse Care Line again to provide an update on their condition.