Retiree Medical Home

Address Updates

Make sure your address and phone number are correct. The availability of some medical plans is based on where you live. Here’s how to update your address and phone number.

Have a pension?
Retirees Log in to the online PG&E Pension Center or call the PG&E Pension Call Center at 1-800-700-0057.
Surviving spouses and joint pensioners Call the PG&E Pension Call Center at 1-800-700-0057.
Don’t have a pension—but have retiree medical or life insurance?
Retirees, surviving spouses and joint pensioners

Log in to your Mercer BenefitsCentral account:

Call the PG&E Benefits Service Center at 1-866-271-8144.

Don’t call your insurance company or claims administrator with address updates. They can’t update your address on file. Instead, they have to get updates directly from PG&E.